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OneCMDB is an Open Source CMDB, Configuration Management Database.

OneCMDB is a CMDB aimed at small and medium sized businesses. OneCMDB can be used as a stand-alone CMDB to keep track of software and hardware assets and their relations. Thanks to its open API:s it can also be a flexible and powerful Configuration Management engine for other Service Management software.

OneCMDB is easy to install and populate with data, either by hand or from other data sources. It has a user-specified data model that can be altered and enhanced without programming. OneCMDB allows you to easily:

  • Create your CMDB datamodel, without writing a single line of code
  • Populate the database, through auto-discovery of your network
  • Get data from various external sources through a flexible import and transform mechanism
  • Import/export network configuration information to/from NAGIOS Network Monitoring System

OneCMDB is available for free download and comes with source code. You may use, modify and redistribute OneCMDB under the terms of this license.


OneCMDB project on Sourceforge not accessible

Friday 30 March, 2012

The OneCMDB project site at Sourceforge is not accessible for some reason. The fault is reported to Sourceforge and we hope that the project site is back on-line again in the very near future.

New OneCMDB release

Monday 14 December, 2009

OneCMDB Version 2.1.0 is now available for download.
This release includes a new MDR Configurator. The MDR Configurator simplifies the task of designing an MDR. Which is used to transform, re-conciliate and import external data sources into the employed OneCMDB data model. Currently the supported external data sources are Excel, CSV and SQL-databases. This enables for instance importing data from external inventory/monitoring systems such as OCS Inventory NG and OpenNMS. A complete tutorial that describes the new MDR Configurator is available here.
A number of bugs reported at sourceforge have also been corrected.

The new version can be downloaded at Sourceforge.

Improved OneCMDB available!

Wednesday 2 September, 2009

OneCMDB Version 2.0.1 is now available for download. Around twenty bugs that was reported in version 2.0.0 is fixed in version 2.0.1. It is now for example possible to delete attributes. There is also a new way to enter values for complex attributes; instances are selected from a grid where also adding new instances are supported.

The new release has improved MDR (Management Data Repository) performance, i.e. it imports and stores external data faster. A function that locks the OneDMDB Desktop after a pre-defined time limit is introduced. The Desktop is unlocked by entering the user´s password. The integration with Nagios is also improved.

The new version can be downloaded at Sourceforge.

Next step for OneCMDB

Thursday 2 July, 2009

We would like your guidance regarding the development direction for OneCMDB.

We want to focus our resources where it makes most sense for the users of OneCMDB and we therefore appreciate if you can help us by filling out our questionnaire.

You find the questionnaire at

Please note that we ask you to suggest priorities for a number of different development areas, but you can also add textual remarks, and such qualitative comments are highly appreciated by us! It is up to you if you like to be anonymous or not. If you enter your e-mail address you give us the possibility to give you feedback and perhaps more detailed questions about something you have written.

Thanks for you co-operation!

The Lokomo Development Team

New OneCMDB version released

Monday 8 June, 2009

Version 2.0.0 is now ready and succeeds version 2.0.0Beta. All reported bugs in OneCMDB V2.0.0Beta have been corrected and some new features have been added.

The new version is available for download at Sourceforge.

Work has already started on the next version of OneCMDB and we welcome more input from users about what to prioritize, new features, integration with other systems etc.

Nominate OneCMDB for Community Choice Awards

If you like OneCMDB, please take the opportunity and nominate the project for the Sourceforge Community Choice Awards 2009.


Follow this link and nominate OneCMDB>!

Category "Best Tool or Utility for SysAdmins" may be a suitable category to select.

OneCMDB is the most popular CMDB on Sourceforge and that is fantastic. We can however certainly benefit from more publicity and the more votes we get, the bigger is the chance that OneCMDB can win a Community Choice Award and that would be great!

Nominations are accepted until May 29th.

OneCMDB Version 2 is available!

Friday 6 February, 2009

Version 2.0 of OneCMDB is now available for download. It is released as beta version and we aim to proceed with a production version in the very near future. The goal with the development of this version has been to improve the back-end CMDB engine in several areas and to design a new Graphical User Interface that is easy to use and customize and also suitable for a multi-user environment. We think we have achieved all this, and a lot more!

Some of the new features:

  • Multi-user support
  • New graphical user interface, the OneCMDB Desktop
  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Improved presentation of CMDB content, including dynamic graphs
  • Custom view and report generator
  • Powerful management of external datasources like SQL databases, CSV files, etc.
  • Improved network discovery feature
  • Integration with NAGIOS Network Monitoring System

A product description for Version 2 is available here.

We like to thank the supporters in the OneCMDB community that have helped us with the pre-release testing of this new version. We also like to thank all of you that have given us valuable input, requests for new functionality, suggestions to improvements etc. We now look forward to new response and feedback from all of you. We are already working on next release...

The Lokomo Development Team

OneCMDB V2 release info

Thursday 15 January, 2009
OneCMDB Version 2 is now being tested and packaged for public release. We have received very good feedback from the beta testers but we were also made aware of a couple of features we needed to improve. This has caused a slight delay in the release plan and we now aim for a public release on Sourceforge within three weeks, i.e. beginning of February.

Version 2 of OneCMDB is just around the corner

Wednesday 29 October, 2008
We are currently testing a new and vastly improved version of OneCMDB. It contains a lot of new, exciting functions and features. We plan to release the new version before the end of 2008.

Here are some of the new features:

  • Improved OneCMDB engine with multi-user support
  • New, easy-to-use GUI
  • Graphical, dynamical presentation of CMDB model and data
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Integration with Nagios

Final list of features will be presented when the new system is released.
We encourage you to send us feedback and comments regarding the upcoming release, please use e-mail address thomas(at)

A draft product description for Version 2 is available here.

New OneCMDB version released

Saturday 27 October, 2007
Lokomo Systems has today released a new OneCMDB package, version 1.4.0 (beta). The new software release contains an improved OneCMDB engine and several brand new OneCMDB applications covering areas like Incident, Problem and Asset Management.

The applications are small and minimalistic and the idea is that they shall serve as examples of what can be achieved with OneCMDB. As you will see, it is not a fullblown user application suite... The applications interact with the OneCMDB engine through the OneCMDB Web Services interface and they are based on a new GUI framework, which is now included in the OneCMDB distribution.

The Incident and Problem Management applications provide a very basic way to register and manage incidents and problems. The asset management application simply presents Configuration Items and all related data in a table. It can also present each Configuration Item´s references and dependencies to other CI:s.

A new Model Designer tool built with the new GUI is also included in this OneCMDB release. This distribution also includes an enhanced default CMDB model that includes support for the Incident and Problem applications as well as more types of references between CI:s.

The new software is currently released as a beta-version and we like to encourage you to give us feedback for the continued development of OneCMDB!

PHP Example Application

Thursday 5 July, 2007
A PHP example application is now available for download. The application demonstrates how to use the Web Services interface from PHP. For more information see PHP Example Application.

Version 1.3 launched

Friday, June 1, 2007
An updated version of Lokomo Systems´ OneCMDB-software is now available for download. The new version has a Web Services interface in addition to the Java API. The new Web Services interface allows for applications written in other languages than Java to easily communicate with OneCMDB. It also enables applications to access OneCMDB remotely over a network. A new Web Services manual describes the new interface.

The new version features an improved auto-discovery function. The discovery function browses the user´s network and populates the CMDB model with basic data about network equipment it finds. On the found equipment it also scans open ports to find out what applications are running.

Other improvements and fixes:

  • Basic support for the Acegi security system
  • A new compare function for importing external CI:s
  • A graphical view is shown when viewing templates
  • A WSDL link is added to the footer in the GUI

Version 1.2.1 released!

Monday, February 5, 2007
Lokomo Systems has released version 1.2.1 of OneCMDB, an object-oriented and XML-based CMDB. The new version is available for download in the Dowwnload section.

Among the new features in this release are:

  • A new function with a calculator metaphor, which is used to memorize an object (CI) in the CMDB that the user likes to re-use in a form at a later stage. Simply press the MEM button to store the current object in memory and the RCL button to recall it later.
  • All sections (menus) in the sidebar on the left side of the GUI can be collapsed and expanded.
  • The graph can now be used for navigation. Click on a CI and the graph is repositioned with that CI in the center.

Fixed bugs:

  • Forms forgot values the user had entered when the "Create New" function was used. This is now corrected.
  • Internationalization issues, for instance chyrillic and chinese characters could not be used in forms, model files etc. UTF-8 text encoding is now used to allow such character sets.

OneCMDB Version 1.1.0 launched!

Thursday, November 16, 2006
Lokomo Systems has released a new release of OneCMDB, version 1.1.0. The new release has the following main features:

  • Graphical presentation of CI:s and relations
  • Possibility to switch between different database models
  • Support for Linux platforms

Version 1.1.0 comes with two CMDB models, one basic and one more advanced model.
The new release is available for download, see the Downloads section.

Two OneCMDB Example Applications released!

Monday, October 16, 2006
Lokomo Systems has launched two Example Applications, Inventory and Availability, which operate on top of a common OneCMDB. The Inventory Example Application is a small piece of software, which lists Servers and selected related information. The Availability Example Application measures server uptime and calculates Server Availability in percent. This is a basic Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for any data center.

Both Example Applications can be tested and demonstrated online. See the demo page. You can also follow the Demonstration link in the navigation bar at the left.

The purpose of the Example Applications is to give users and developers an idea of different kind of applications that can be realized on top of OneCMDB. We will try to present more Example Applications, and we also encourage others to contribute as well!
Another purpose of the Example Applications is that the source code will help developers to understand how to interface with OneCMDB.

OneCMDB Single User Edition released!

Wednesday, September 6, 2006
The first release of OneCMDB is now available from the download section. OneCMDB Single User Edition is available for Windows. The package is easy to install and contains everything you need to get acquainted with OneCMDB.

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